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Why Steve Jobs fears Flip Video (maybe more than Zune)

Many have assumed that Steve Jobs pretty much handed tiny Flip Video it’s lunch last week when he announced that Apple would pro­vide the same capa­bil­ity in the new iPod Nano for free. Some might mourn the lit­tle Flip Video as yet another piece of promis­ing Con­sumer Elec­tron­ics Road­kill whose soon-to-be sun-bleached bones will remind […]

Introducing the Apple Effect (Part 1)

The Apple Effect is a cor­po­rate pathol­ogy.  A set of behav­iors that consumer-facing com­pa­nies engage in, largely in response to per­ceiv­ing their prod­uct and mar­ket­ing infe­ri­or­ity when com­pared to Apple.  The Four Key Dri­vers of this suc­cess are very vis­i­ble: The Indus­trial Design of the Apple prod­uct line is strong and reflects a tight integration […]