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The Heart of an Entrepreneur, Ch. 1

There was a moment that I will always remem­ber from my child­hood, one that rep­re­sents some nature-nurture shap­ing that had already hap­pened, and this “model scene”, as psy­chol­o­gists call it, is at the core of who I am today. I was about 12 years old and sit­ting at my father’s big wooden desk in the basement. […]

No, Mr. President, I Did Build It…and That Other Thing Too.

Dear Mr. Pres­i­dent, I’ve seen your com­ments regard­ing who “built” what, review­ing the orig­i­nal footage as well as the footage from a speech by your friend Eliz­a­beth War­ren. I’m sure you’re get­ting a LOT of mail right now, so here is a link in case you want to see a sum­mary. Spoiler alert: there is […]

Remembering Bryan Martin

Twenty years ago, on Feb­ru­ary 1st, 1991, around 6:00 in the evening, vet­eran LAX air traf­fic con­troller Robin Wascher instructed the pilots of the tiny Sky­west com­muter flight 569, car­ry­ing ten pas­sen­gers and two crew to Palm­dale, to enter the run­way and pre­pare for take­off.  Seventy-seven sec­onds later she gave US Air flight 1493, a […]

Why a Website May Be the Last Thing That You Need

This may sound a lit­tle funny com­ing from a guy who works at an agency that makes such beau­ti­ful web­sites.  But it is true.  And once you’ve read this arti­cle, I think that you’ll under­stand why mak­ing great web­sites is not about design, but about under­stand­ing your cus­tomer, the dig­i­tal ecosys­tem that they live in. As […]

Why the Smart Ones Choose Ignorance

You surely know the phrase, “He doesn’t know Jack” or  “He doesn’t know Jack ____” – I’ve left off the last noun, but you know that part too.  And you prob­a­bly know that the antonymic phrase, “He knows Jack” means pretty much the same thing…knowing nothing,…or igno­rance. Most folks wouldn’t really want igno­rance closely attached to their […]

What Happened to Breath Asure? The Big Bad Business of Off-Label OTC Products.

I was speak­ing with a close friend the other day and she men­tioned that the pop­u­lar breath-freshener, Breath Asure, had been “crushed” out of the mar­ket by the big, bad, evil cor­po­rate pharma-mega-corps who had sued the brand into obliv­ion (this may be a slight embell­ish­ment, but fairly true to her intent, I believe.  Update: […]

Check, Please! Gourmet Mag Gets Just Desserts After Losing Its Brand Compass.

Well, the per­ils of re-Branding with­out a License may be appar­ent in October’s announce­ment that Condé-Nast will shut­ter Gourmet mag­a­zine after 60+ years of exis­tence. The mag­a­zine had been attempt­ing a trans­for­ma­tion of sorts over the last year or so, with mul­ti­ple new lay­outs, over­sat­u­rated pho­tog­ra­phy, Mil­lenial and Gen-X mod­els and a strange mix of […]

It’s Our Hope That Will End This Recession

Seems like folks are feel­ing cau­tiously opti­mistic these days, what with the DJIA peek­ing above 10,000 for a few moments this last week and Google, one of the barom­e­ters of the New Econ­omy, back up in the stratos­pheric 500’s.  Dur­ing the far-darker days of almost a year ago a lot of us Amer­i­cans voted for […]

Why Steve Jobs fears Flip Video (maybe more than Zune)

Many have assumed that Steve Jobs pretty much handed tiny Flip Video it’s lunch last week when he announced that Apple would pro­vide the same capa­bil­ity in the new iPod Nano for free. Some might mourn the lit­tle Flip Video as yet another piece of promis­ing Con­sumer Elec­tron­ics Road­kill whose soon-to-be sun-bleached bones will remind […]