Monthly Archives: January 2011

Why a Website May Be the Last Thing That You Need

This may sound a lit­tle funny com­ing from a guy who works at an agency that makes such beau­ti­ful web­sites.  But it is true.  And once you’ve read this arti­cle, I think that you’ll under­stand why mak­ing great web­sites is not about design, but about under­stand­ing your cus­tomer, the dig­i­tal ecosys­tem that they live in. As […]

Why the Smart Ones Choose Ignorance

You surely know the phrase, “He doesn’t know Jack” or  “He doesn’t know Jack ____” – I’ve left off the last noun, but you know that part too.  And you prob­a­bly know that the antonymic phrase, “He knows Jack” means pretty much the same thing…knowing nothing,…or igno­rance. Most folks wouldn’t really want igno­rance closely attached to their […]