Monthly Archives: November 2009

What Happened to Breath Asure? The Big Bad Business of Off-Label OTC Products.

I was speak­ing with a close friend the other day and she men­tioned that the pop­u­lar breath-freshener, Breath Asure, had been “crushed” out of the mar­ket by the big, bad, evil cor­po­rate pharma-mega-corps who had sued the brand into obliv­ion (this may be a slight embell­ish­ment, but fairly true to her intent, I believe.  Update: […]

Check, Please! Gourmet Mag Gets Just Desserts After Losing Its Brand Compass.

Well, the per­ils of re-Branding with­out a License may be appar­ent in October’s announce­ment that Condé-Nast will shut­ter Gourmet mag­a­zine after 60+ years of exis­tence. The mag­a­zine had been attempt­ing a trans­for­ma­tion of sorts over the last year or so, with mul­ti­ple new lay­outs, over­sat­u­rated pho­tog­ra­phy, Mil­lenial and Gen-X mod­els and a strange mix of […]